IT Consulting Services

By aligning with a skilled, experienced and friendly provider, your company can get the right solution, and in the process gain a level of comfort with technology in a way never before possible.


The Step Further Program is a systematic and logical way of solving your changing technology needs.

Step One: Needs Assessment

A certified Computer Comfort expert meets with you, and using our Needs Assessment Process, explores what you want to accomplish, your current technology and how your business operates. A full understanding of all three is the only way to recommend the right solution.

Step Two: Robust Network Sweep

Computer Comfort conducts an on-site Robust Network Audit to record and map the technology you currently own, its potential and its limitations. Understanding where you are today allows us to develop your Technology Roadmap, your guide to the best solution for your business.

Step Three: The Technology Roadmap

Your Technology Roadmap shows you the status and layout of your current network, as well as your envisioned solution, and what’s needed to get from A to B. You will see expected costs for equipment and labor, and a calendar for implementation. Your Roadmap is a comprehensive recommendation with stand-alone value. To make sure you get the most from your investment in the Roadmap, we come in and present it.

Step Four: Presentation

The presentation of The Technology Roadmap is a great chance for key people in your company to ask questions and become comfortable with how the new solution will work, how it fits with your own way of doing business, and why it’s needed. We demonstrate our approach to implementation, showing how we stay on schedule and on budget. With Computer Comfort you get a solution that will grow with your company, rather than just meet today’s needs.

Step Five: Implementation

Our implementation approach ensures your solution is delivered on time and on budget, and with as little disruption as possible. In every project, unexpected issues can arise. But though these bumps in the road may be new to you, chances are our certified technicians have seen it before and can keep your project on track.

Step Six: Delivery

There is typically a “break in” period where any post-installation issues arise. Before we ask you to sign off on completed work, we give your system a chance to work, and your people a chance to get comfortable with it. Only then do we “deliver” the project and ask for your approval. But we’re not done yet.

Step Furtherů

Where other companies are wrapping up, we’re just getting started. There is often a long time between major projects, but your needs are every day. Computer Comfort supports its customers with money saving service agreements that have us on call 24/7, and simple day-to-day repair and maintenance service for any computer need. Our goal is to build long-term relationships that are measured in years.