IT Support Services

Computer Comfort makes day-to-day service and repair easy, so your network, workstations and your business can keep running. We provide a complete range of services, ready at a moment’s notice, either in our shop or on-site. We can also provide remote support, providing you with instant service.

If you’re interested in knowing the status of your entire network, contact us for a Free Network CheckupIt’s a great way to prioritize your service needs.

Our On Call Remote & Hourly Support service include:

Wireless networks
Expert installations ensure you’re free to roam
while your data stays secure.

Shop/In-house services
An affordable option when you don’t need it fixed
same-day. Our repair center diagnoses and solves the toughest technical issues.

Laser printer repair
With care, printers last a long time. We fix smudging, jamming paper and other problems on-site or in our shop.

Installing hardware and software can create
computer conflicts. We ensure new technology works seamlessly with your existing system.

Don’t overpay for off-the-shelf. We custom build guaranteed systems that do what you want today,
with room to grow for tomorrow.

(LAN) local area network
Share resources such as printers, Internet access and
hard drives. We install, maintain and administer complete LANs, affordably.

We run any type of cable throughout your office,
and service it so you’ll always know it’s running perfectly.

Emergency response
24/7, a Computer Comfort technician is ready for any problem.

Field/On-site service
An IT staff at your disposal to fix problems with minimal interruption to your day.

Remote access
We deliver the ultimate promise of technology…working
from anywhere.

Disaster recovery and restoration
Floods, fires and other disasters don’t necessarily mean
the end of your data. Ask us first if it can be saved.

Extend the life of your system with upgrades rather than all
new computers.

Our installation experts prevent conflicts with your other
software, saving you money down the road.

(WAN) wide area network and VPN connections
For multiple offices, our experts create secure networks so
|all offices work as one.

Microsoft services
Our Microsoft Certified Technicians diagnose and repair all Microsoft—related issues.

Data Recovery Services
Hard drive failures are common. Often your data can be saved if the right steps are taken. Call us as soon as you detect a problem.